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Fancy Piper Doodle Junk


Because of the other cute merbaby earlier…. ( by fancypiper here)

Momma and Daddy were worried little one!

Adorable! Take a look at this beautiful drawing by krlipscomb! The world needs much more merbabies. 

The “tragically beautiful” face of depression, amiright?

Literally can’t even be bothered to do this on tablet. 

New page logo! 

"Little Girl" Floor Ghost from Fatal Frame III

Why do I never see baby mermaids? Where are they? Imagine cute pudgy little wiggly butts trying to scoot around in the kelp beds while mommy watches all protective. I demand more fat baby mermaids.

A Study In Ugly

Hey Guys!


If anyone is interested, I am taking requests. If you’re going to be alone on the worst day of the year Valentine’s day, I will make something a little special for you. Feel free to shoot me a message, my ask box is always open! <3


Oops, I lied. NOW my ask box is open! Also, to elaborate- You do NOT need to be single to request a drawing! I will literally try to draw any request. Or if you don’t know what you want, you can just put “ME” in my ask box and I’ll doodle something nice for you. :>